Backyard Harvest Challenge Volunteer Workday

01/27/2024 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM PT


{750 Dartmouth Ave, San Carlos}

Tierra Linda Middle School parking lot


If you'd like to volunteer to harvest produce on Saturday, January 27, 2024, please do so through this registration page. 

Come help EGC harvest backyard produce as part of its 2024 Backyard Fruit Donation Challenge!  Volunteers will use clippers and extendable fruit pickers to harvest fruit from donors' yards, and will return all fruit at the end of the shift to our starting location.  Long sleeves of a durable fabric (citrus trees have thorns!), sturdy shoes, and protective eyewear are encouraged.  Harvest teams (formed by households or groups, minimum 2 people per team) will need to provide own transportation to 1-2 houses to harvest fruit, and return upon completion of their harvesting to return equipment and donated fruit.  Harvesting equipment and protective eyewear will be provided, though feel free to bring your own!  This activity is appropriate for volunteers ages 5+ with adult supervision/participation.

If you have backyard produce to donate, please fill out this form. We will email to coordinate scheduling for produce pick-up (if you prefer to harvest yourself) or add you to our Harvest Route for Saturday January 27, 2024.